Live and Let Live


No-Town folks striving to keep our city the, live-and-let-live backwater B-list mountain town and bedroom community to O-town, that it’s been since charter.

This site is a collection of people and issues. Issues are organized under Campaigns, each with clear goals, plans and resources.

No ghostwriters, no censorship, no thought control practices, just good arguments and issues backed up with cited references for handy referral.

The overarching goal of this site is to provide thoughtful, accurate and timely information that might influence others to get involved within our city—projects, issues, history and government—to effect change within the ideals laid down by Francis Bacon, Adam Smith, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson & George Washington.

To be perfectly clear, this site is ran and managed by private residents of North Ogden. There are no government funds, no private/public partnership arrangements, lobbyists or secret money behind it;  just people who live here that want to make a difference and help shape our community and steer where we spend public money.