2015 September 22

North Ogden City General Plan Update adopted. No discussion of a new amphitheater.

  • Update notes plan has legal authority.
  • City Council can override if in best interest of the Community.
  • Changes should be formal application process with written amendments.
  • City website notes: 2016 Planning Department report says minor adjustments were made 2016 August 23.
  • If General Plan was amended, it was not posted and was not made public; no mention of Barker Park.


2015 November 25

Barker Park Committee has been formed and has been meeting. No discussion of a new amphitheater.

  • Per North Ogden City website, multiple meetings are missing from posted minutes.
  • Per minutes 2015 November 25, city administration is aware info is not on the website and says if will be added; as of 2018 January 25, info was still missing.
  • Mayor suggests selling additional building lots from the Barker Park lands.
  • Barker Park cost estimates $5.4M for entire park (no mention of any change to the amphitheater).
  • Questions raised about ongoing maintenance costs.


2016 January 13

Barker Park Committee provides recommendation list for Bark Park buildout. Still no discussion of a new amphitheater.

  • No changes to existing amphitheater.
  • New cost estimate is $7.5M without amphitheater rebuild.
  • Mayor suggests a developer (Wadman, per committee member) wanting to development a high-density project, would likely trade assistance on Barker Park for approval of high-density project elsewhere in the city (transfer of developmental rights or TDR).
  • Mayor wants to end Barker Park Committee.


2016 May 25

City Council minutes

  • Mayor Taylor floats the idea of an amphitheater upgrade, creating a venue similar to the Layton (Kenley) amphitheater.
  • Mayor Taylor states he would like to postpone the component buildout of the park and focus instead on the amphitheater improvements.
  • Amphitheater improvements estimated at $500,000.
  • Barker Park committee wants to build component portion of park first; Mayor Taylor want to proceed with amphitheater prior to components.
  • Barker Park Committee terminated.


14 June 2016***    City Council minutes

  • Barker Park discussion is focused primarily on components desired in the park
  • New cost estimate $7.7M without amphitheater rebuild
  • Mayor Taylor notes Barker Park committee recommends addressing amphitheater improvements in final phase


June 2016 - May 2017    Large gap in records posted to North Ogden City website


10 May 2017***    North Ogden City Arts and Amphitheater Committee minutes

  • No previous minutes published as of 25 January 2018
  • Amphitheater cost estimate now $3,580,292
  • City staff note potential difficulty in securing a “quality architect. . .due to lack of total project funding”; City Administration will “get creative” with phasing in order to secure high quality services
  • Committee member requests publicizing meetings to get public interested


14 June 2017***    North Ogden City Arts and Amphitheater Committee minutes

  • Amphitheater concept developed by City Engineer
  • Architect proposals due 28 June 2018
  • Contract to be awarded 10 July 2018
  • Mayor and committee elect to hire a professional marketing consultant to develop marketing plan for Amphitheater


18 July 2017***    North Ogden City Council minutes

  • City Administration has “tried to fast track” Barker Park
  • Approval of contract with Method Studio

2017 August 2

City Council Work Section Minutes




27 August 2017        North Ogden City Open House

  • Contracts had already been awarded


20 September 2017***    North Ogden City Planning Commission meeting

  • Residents adjacent to Barker Park were notified by mail of pending changes with the Amphitheater
  • Multiple homeowners spoke to concerns about sound, safety, crime, and lack of parking
  • City Administration requests approval of site plan although not all required provisions have been met
  • City Administration wants to address parking at a later date
  • Planning Commission votes to approve site plan with conditions
  • Before amphitheater can be made available for public use, sufficient parking areas must be secured and available for use


15 November 2017    Ground breaking for larger Amphitheater