A Brief History of Barker Park

Deed information taken from original deed recorded at Weber County Recorder’s office, Land Serial # 17-073-0004.

The [Barker] park will be a traditional type city park, and will be open to the public.
— Ray B. & Fern W. Barker | December 1999 [Deed, Weber County Parcel Land Serial No. 17-073-0004]

2018 February 6
Aaron Christensen's Speech to Mayor and City Council

[Supporting documents, originals when possible, that are outside NO City meeting minutes are posted on our RESOURCES page.]

1999 December 10
North Ogden City creates and incorporates the Municipal Building Authority (MBA) naming the mayor and city council members as officers.

1999 December 29
Deeded purchase of land (along 2600 N) from Carl and Lorna Barker.

2000 February 15
Deeded purchase of land (between Fruitland Dr and 2600 N) from Ray B. and Fern W. Barker.

  • Includes parcel where the amphitheater is being built.
  • Attached covenants, restrictions, obligations and rights. . . [that] run with the property.
  • Establishes that the MBA will develop a public park on at least 50% of the Property [the other portion was developed into the Deer Meadows Subdivision]; the park will be “a traditional type city park, open to the public.”
  • North Ogden City Open Space & Recreation Master Plan from 2001 establishes that a traditional or “typical” city park should have a scenic quality, passive areas, [and] should be connected to the major trail system. [Original 2001 Master Plan]
  • We believe North Ogden City is in violation of the recorded deed and associated covenants.

North Ogden City Council and Mayor acting as the Municipal Building Authority (MBA), acts as developer and establishes Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for Deer Meadows Subdivision.

  • CC&Rs recorded by the MBA (Pg 1, para 9) state the MBA desires to limit the development and activities in the Subdivision in order to:
  1. Comply with the agreements with the Barker families,

  2. Create a desirable single-family residential community within North Ogden City, and

  3. Create a residential development which will be in harmony with Barker Park.

2001 January
North Ogden City General Plan adopted by the city council. [Original 2001 Master Plan]

Page 17: Adopted plan shows preliminary plan for Barker Park with no amphitheater in current location, and only a small instructional amphitheater in the island hollow befitting the scenic and passive qualities described.
Page 11: “Typical neighborhood park” open to the public defined at time of this plan.
Page 7: Any decisions reconsidering general plan must come before ALL [emphasis added] citizens.
Page 38: Barker Park buildout estimated at $3,225,000 (with no major amphitheater, just the small instructional amphitheater in the island hallow).

2001 September
Deer Meadows Subdivision:  City held bidding for Subdivision lots. (NO City Minutes)

2002 May 28
MBA minutes: discussion of L. Grassli’s Barker Park design now including a community-sized, performance amphitheater.

  • Per city employees, full Grassli plan was never approved due to costs (though amphitheater was built).
  • Unable to find record of amended General Plan.

North Ogden Barker Park Amphitheater built (where it stood, vary rarely used, until the stage was torn down in the fall of 2017 to make room for the radically expanded stage and amphitheater now under construction).

Barker Park remains undeveloped and only partially funded.

I’ve never seen [a city function as developer] before.... This may be the only arrangement like this in the world. It gives us responsibility and liability that is not good for a City.
— Dave Carlson (NO City Attorney) on the MBA arrangement, 2011, April 26


Timeline for the NO Amph we are working hard, our paralegal team is pretty amazing but this timeline is complex. We are posting references on the resources page as we discover them.