Feedback From No-Towners On The Amphitheater 

 NO Amph campaign has received hundreds of signed petitions and close to four hundred comments from dismayed residents. Hear us NO City! Here are some of the comments:

I am in complete awe at the lack of planning, expertise, and professionalism that our city council team and planning committee members have not only shown the residents who live on Barker Parkway, Deer Meadows Drive, and Fruitland Drive (who by the way this Ampitheater has a DIRECT impact on our lives, family, safety and way of living) but for the North Ogden Residents in general. The cart was definitely put before the horse on this entire proposition and project. WE as a community voted for you all to serve and represent our city? We trusted each one of you to look out for our best interests of our community regarding how to address and drive economic growth to our city, taxes, safety, security.... –Amy M

Six individuals are changing the face of our community. If your citizens don't feel the process is transparent, then it most likely isn't. My husband was told by Tanner Scadden our mayor (Taylor) offers all types of incentives to get builders to buy up the land in this area as opposed to Pleasant View. Tanner told my spouse, PV told his family if they want to build in that city they need to work for it. Barker Park was presented as something completely different than what it will eventually be--a dirty parking lot with music in the background.  –Megan

The biggest problem with this is the absolute SLAM this is to the Barker Family. I wish Ray and Fern were alive to have their voice heard as this was their property and was sold to the city on VERY specific terms. –Stefani C

NO TOWN needs to use the park the way they told the Barkers they would when they made the purchase. Wouldn’t it be rad if north Ogden would actually fix their dangerous intersections and maybe pay their police force better, before building ridiculous crap. Plus why don’t they use the ramp money for maybe putting parking nd bathroom at trailhead. I feel good about this site because I know it won’t get censored or deleted lol. Peace –Preston R

I am very disappointed with the fact that my Son completed his Eagle project October 2016, where he and other Scouts planted 5 Sycamore trees on the top Westside hill in Barker Park. We felt these trees would grow to eventually provide shade for the amphitheater stage. Now there remains only 2 of the 5 trees. The other 3 have been knocked over with construction dirt. I want to know why these 3 trees could not have been relocated to another place in the park or to another park where they could have been beneficial? My Son took great pride in His project and now for what? Is this what our taxes are going for? While I do support the Arts, I am also very concerned about noise, traffic and the safety issues that will come this large of an amphitheater. –Rebecca M

Bad use of tax payer money! Who in the city asked for their tax dollars to be spent on an amphitheater? –Nick S

This structure is not appropriate for our area and I had no idea this was happening on this scale until I was told by my neighbors. There should have been more info available to the community, to be part of this decision. I don't want something of this scale in my neighborhood and I want this project to be reevaluated and submitted to the public for voting before it continues. –Jennifer O

The traffic would turn in to a nightmare. No parking in the area either. –Supamas

No no no! Absolutely not! Where are people going to park? Parking is already a joke at the fireworks. What about the people who live right by this amphitheater? You think they want to listen to concerts every night? What happened to our quiet north Ogden? –Carley B

No absolutely not! One of the reasons why we love north Ogden is because it’s a quiet community and offers a lot of open space. North Ogden does not have the infrastructure to handle the thousands of people that mayor Taylor thinks this project will bring in. There is no where to park. Parking is already a nightmare for Fourth of July fireworks! Putting a concert sized venue in a quiet residential area is ridiculous. –Josh B

Where, exactly do you expect bands to eat or sleep? McDonald's and Wendy's isn't going to cut it. Who's going to pay officers from other agencies overtime(time and a half so $30+/hr for 6 hours)? How do you plan to attract talented officers when Ogden upped their salaries offered and Salt Lake pays even more? –Carina

I honestly had never even heard of the amphitheater until one of our family friends Sean Casey came by my parent's house while I was there with my siblings. They live at 1075 E 2600 N, just around the corner from Barker Park. I've been to well over 100 concerts at different venues and locations. I am a lover of concerts and music venues, but NEVER would I want that right in our back yard. I was shocked that construction had already started without me hearing a word of it. I just want to make sure that if North Ogden is pursuing something like this that it is done the right way with diligent research, more Community involvement, and definitely with the location thought through. When I go to my parents house to watch the 4th of July fireworks from their back yard, we are blocked and locked in for a LONG time with all the congested traffic that blocks the entrance of their driveway, I can't even imagine the ridiculous traffic that would accompany a venue of this size. My grandparents have property consisting of fields and orchards that border the barker land by Barker Park and their homes. I grew up on that land and love it. When I think about if it were my grandparents and family in the place of the Barkers, I would be furious and extremely hurt if the City did not honor the wishes of my Grandparents and more closely work with the family on this project. Most of all, this should be something the brings us as a community together, not rips us apart. To me the cost of stopping construction to have deeper discussions and due diligence on the issue is nothing compared to the cost of dividing our Community. –Scott S

It saddens me to see what North Ogden is becoming. The Public Works Building, the oversized development on Washington and 1700 and now this amphitheater. They put on a play last year and now they need something bigger and better. Why? The play was fine, people enjoyed themselves, why does it need to be bigger and better now? At what expense? At who's expense? Elder Hales has said, "....we must practice the principles of provident living: joyfully living within our means, being content with what we have...". His words don't just apply to us as individuals but also as a city. Why does North Ogden need to lose it's charm, why does this neighborhood have to lose it's charm because some people desire grandeur? I watched the City Council meeting that took place last night, February 6th, I really enjoyed the words shared by Peggy Barker. Why can't there just be a big open space where kids can run and explore, to chase fairies and trolls. To fly kites, play ball, enjoy their family and friends and to just be free to use their imaginations. This grand amphitheater is not needed, please stop ruining North Ogden and learn to love it for what it once was-safe, charming, cozy, loved. –Karen

I agree with this movement, it may have been discussed, but the scale and size of the attraction or scope of is a big surprise. North Ogden can hardly handle its own traffic and this would be a mess at every event. –Jay C

I do not agree with my taxes being used in this manner. What was wrong with the original outdoor theatre? –Steve N

It is a very slippery slope when the government does not make aware nor seek approval from from a majority of the people they govern before they act on something that is going to affect them to this great of a degree. To proceed with this type of activity once the majority of the people are aware and are obviously against these action is a gross dereliction of duty. Taking some time to hear public opinion and reflect on the largest amphitheater in Utah in a town this small would be the prudent thing to do. –Benny B

The information on the scope of the project was definitely understated and under distributed. I just thought the city was improving the existing structure for small events. Now they’re spending millions of dollars on this? Making this amphitheater a regular destination for events is a bad idea. It’s residential! AND the city won’t get the kind of draw they need to keep it going like the Ogden amp and the Layton amp. There’s no real parking, foot traffic, and other businesses close enough (restaurants, etc.) to make it an attractive place to book entertainment. And lets face it, local entertainment won’t bring in enough money to make the project worth while. Besides, we already have those facilities in place (i.e. schools). But the biggest reason why it’s a poor choice is how it affects people living next to it. There is no buffer zone between the amphitheater and the residents living across the street. Many people like to say, “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” In this case, that’s not going to work. City leadership has bitten off more than they can chew. Now they may be dealing with legal battles and wasted tax payer’s dollars; not to mention the loss of trust and respect of many of their constituents. The FIRST thing they should have done was to discuss the FULL proposal with the residents most affected. All I can say to the city is “good luck” if you keep moving forward with this. There will most likely be political and monetary consequences by doing so. I know I won’t vote for anyone who has supported this on the next reelection. –Mark M

More thought and considerations should be placed into something this costly and massive for north Ogden. I would not want this near my house. –Lacey W

I have several concerns. First, the economics of operation and maintenance expressed by Jim Urry just prior to the vote to proceed with the first phase of constriction were based on him contacting all the other similar venues in the state. Second, the parking issues will seriously limit the size and quality of what events will realistically be able to be hosted. Third, as one that has been in most of the hearings related to Barker Park from the time it was purchased, this facility in this form is a significant departure from the spirit and agreements with the Barker family. Unfortunately documents intended to enforce this were never recorded with the county as promised in public meetings by the city attorney at the time. We still have copies of those documents. Fourth I am concerned that final construction costs will be covered by hope of donations and yet unsubmitted grant requests. Finally, I have additional concerns that the parking solution will be construction of a parking lot on the north side of the amphitheater effectively destroying what was intended to be a park. –Dale A

I just find it strange that North Ogden city has put such an emphasis on not allowing large businesses to come to our town, even though those businesses would bring a considerable amount of revenue to our city, only to find out that we are in the midst of building one of the largest Amphitheatres in Utah, right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. This has been done without public notice or discussion and with obvious lack of forsight. How will this neighborhood, and a park that doesn’t have the parking to accommodate a local soccer game, accommodate the parking, traffic, and noise that this Amphitheatre will surely bring? Are we as residents expected to vacation for the summer? Because surely to pay for a 4 million dollar endeavor this Amphitheatre will have to be in use the entire length of the summer months. I certainly hope this work will be halted and addressed before a big mistake becomes a city altering mess. –Julie M

This became a much bigger project than was first introduced. –Julie A

Don't understand why this is being built. I feel it violates the land use agreement agreed upon between the city and the Barker's. This had been hyped as being a good thing. It will get used just after opening then sit by with nothing. Ask the residents what they want, not just what the mayor wants! –Kodie M

Once again the city is planning to dump a large amount of traffic onto Fruitland Drive which is a paved 22 foot wide old cow trail that has now been transformed into a mini freeway. This beautiful curvy, hilly road is seldom patrolled, has only a few speed limit signs and is abused by the people who use it by their unsafe driving practices. Not only will this impact those of us who live on Fruitland Drive, it will impact those around the Parkway tremendously. Where are all the thousands of patrons of the amphitheater going to park? What about the noise created by the amphitheater? What was the original agreement that the city made with the Barker family as to the use of the land they gave to the city, is this going to be ignored? Why wasn't this plan presented to those of us who it will affect the most? So many questions that need to be answered by the city leaders and that should have been addressed and presented to those of us impacted by it before this project was ever pushed through. –Laura H

Building an amphitheater of this size in a residential area with the noise and traffic, let alone the lack of parking makes no sense. The amount of traffic it will add to this small cities infrastructure with the current road situation would be a nightmare. –Clayton B

A perfect spot for lots of traffic. Plenty of stop signs on every corner and big roads to keep traffic flowing smooth. Nice parking facilities along the same roads. I like this guy, mayor what's his name, he’s a real optimist. –Jake H
The beauty of North Ogden is the "small town" community feel. This is why we moved here. This is why we've stayed here. We don't want to be like a larger city. The only ones that want North Ogden to grow is the mayor and the builders who are pushing their agenda. If they want another Riverdale then they should move to Riverdale instead of trying to make North Ogden just a stepping stone to further their political career. –Keri H
No one in North Ogden wants it. It will just be a constant source of noise pollution for our city. The reason USANA, Tuacon, etc are doing so well is that they are not built right in the middle of a residential area! There is not enough space for parking and I know you will not get my uncle to sell his land for that purpose! Stop trying to sneak behind all of the residents and push something through that will be an utter failure! How about using that money for something useful like the dog park that was supposed to be built in as opposed to the temporary one in a drainage basin that is nothing less than awful! I’ve seen dog parks in apartment complexes that look better than that one! Overall, this project will fail and no one wants it! –Robert S
This will not only effect countless residents, but traffic will be as bad as in a large city. And where will parking be made available for thousands of cars? –Spencer C

I am a resident of North Ogden City and a neighbor to Barker Park. This plan for a massive 4+ million dollar amphitheater has been promoted by saying that the amphitheater will be a cultural gem. I agree that it would be a cultural gem for the state of Utah, possibly for Weber County, but certainly NOT for North Ogden City, especially for those who live close to Barker Park. 

My understanding is that this plan is largely based on the success of the production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat in 2016. That event was fun, just the right size, just the right volume, just the right price, and just the right amount of traffic. I would like to see more local productions of North Ogden City of that size. Any bigger than that is not appropriate for a residential area. On the fourth of July it took almost 30 minutes to travel to our home on Fruitland Drive. That level of traffic is okay as long as it ONCE per year. More than that would be very disruptive. 

When I saw the projection for development of Barker Park in the North Ogden Connection magazine, I wasn't sure why the current amphitheater needed to be moved but beyond that it overall looked like a few minor upgrades would be made, and all were in accordance with the agreement (at least my understanding of the agreement) that the Barker family made with North Ogden upon donating that land. 

Finally, we already have a city facility that does not turn a profit, North Shore. North Shore is fun and in a more appropriate area, but not so fun when I found out that it's our taxes that keeps it from going under. We don't need another facility that we would be paying for years and years to come. Instead let's fix our sewer system and in other ways prepare for continued growth of our fine city. Thank you for listening. –R Armstrong

We had not even heard of this planned venue. Many of us are just finding this out. There needs to be so much more done before we should even get the chance to VOTE ON IT SINCE IT WILL GREATLY EFFECT OUR COMMUNITY. WE MOVED HERE FOR THE QUIET AND LOW VOLUME OF PEOPLE. TO SAY WE ARE PRETTY FURIOUS ABOUT THIS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. You need to cease and desist this project until there are more studies done. The people in these homes, in this area of Barker Park, bought their property for the specific reason of having a home in a QUIET neighbor. Not to mention the rest of us who moved here long before there was a Smiths, a Lee's, Wal-Greens, etc. We loved this area and it was a wonderful place to raise our children. We are fuming because we feel this was like a back room deal, like it was snuck under our noses, before we even realized this was someone's bid idea. Slow it WAY down or the citizens will not only be so furious, we doubt you will work in Government jobs again. I smell a bit of corruption. How about you get the word out to ALL of us who can then VOTE (novel idea) on IF this should be considered or if there has been any illegal activity trying to get this pushed through. Been here for 37 years, in the days of Barker Gas Station, no stop lights, low crime, and HAPPY CHILDREN. I want to see a crime study, and what kind of element this project will bring to our city. I also want to see proof of who gave the final approval of this idiotic idea. INCLUDE NOTICES TO THOSE OF US WHO ACTUALLY LIVE HERE. It's bad enough we are having to deal with so many condo's and apartments without this deal. Growth is inevitable - BUT THIS IS A SERIOUS MISTAKE. Give us a little credit and you will find there are many of us who want our city's growth, but not by this magnitude. We have our own businesses we would love to establish here. Does the term PUBLIC SERVANT even apply anymore? I was told by Wal-mart that their Harrisville Store has the highest theft rate in the Nation. Is that what we have waiting for us. We want our city to be beautiful, building on our greatest assets - OUR CHILDREN. Many of whom do NOT return. Is this you trying to slip this through Or are things done like this through back room deals, behind closed doors, secretly? WE'RE WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE. –Anne P

Locating a venue of this size in a residential neighborhood creates an invasion of the rights and privacy of the home owners. There is not near enough parking at the site of the proposed venue. The roads giving access to the venue are not sufficient to handle the anticipated traffic. The projected price of the amphitheater costly for a venue that will be used only part of the year. I feel there are significant noise and safety concerns. A more appropriate location would not be in the middle of an existing neighborhood. –Linda T

I just find it strange that North Ogden city has put such an emphasis on not allowing large businesses to come to our town, even though those businesses would bring a considerable amount of revenue to our city, only to find out that we are in the midst of building one of the largest Amphitheatres in Utah, right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. This has been done without public notice or discussion and with obvious lack of forsight. How will this neighborhood, and a park that doesn’t have the parking to accommodate a local soccer game, accommodate the parking, traffic, and noise that this Amphitheatre will surely bring? Are we as residents expected to vacation for the summer? Because surely to pay for a 4 million dollar endeavor this Amphitheatre will have to be in use the entire length of the summer months. I certainly hope this work will be halted and addressed before a big mistake becomes a city altering mess. –Julie M

Hey Mayor, ask yourself this...WOULD YOU WANT THIS IN YOUR FRONT YARD? I'm pretty sure NOT. Get it together. This seems like it would be a complete waist of money and time. –Thomas T

City Government should only be concerned with two things. Keeping us safe and raising our standard of living or in other words raising our property values. This pet project does neither. It will however greatly lower the property values of the surrounding neighborhood. It is disappointing to me to see a project so huge in scope did not include the input from homeowners effected deeply by this. These residents should have been able to trust the land deed and not live in fear that the city would disregard it. I hope this is taken as a lesson learned and stopped before any more money or resources is wasted on a unlawful development. –Gregory S

I grew up just yards from Barker Park and can't believe the project that's going on right now. There isn't a need for this in North Ogden. And even if there was, homework needs to be done. Peoples' homes are RIGHT THERE. Please, stop, think, and let's not make a huge mistake. –Shannon S

North Ogden infuriates me. They continually build and expand without proper infrastructure to support the development. There is absolutely no way the existing streets could handle the traffic they expect the amphitheater to bring. North Ogden city has allowed so much questionable development just to collect tax revenue at the expense of existing residents. I live just below 2600 and the intersection of Washington and 2600 is already a disaster. There is no need to add more traffic for something so unnecessary and misguided, being built just to line the city's pockets. –Pamela K

Where are all of these people going to park? The Fourth of July is a joke, and dangerous with no sidewalks down on Fruitland Dr. We actually went in and asked Mayor Taylor not to feed another road onto Fruitland Dr with the new subdivision going in because of safety issues. He would not even consider it. We got nowhere. I think this amphitheater is just another item to add to his list of accomplishments. –Lori B

Fruitland Dr. is already a very busy road that sustains a lot of traffic on a smaller roadway. During the summer months when there are movies at Barker Park, Fruitland becomes even more congested. During the 4th of July fireworks, Fruitland Dr. becomes an almost one lane passageway. It has been my understanding that studies have been made concerning Fruitland Dr. and the amount of traffic it now has, and there have been big concerns about the traffic load on it. And now the City wants to bring additional traffic to that area? Even "tens of thousands" to that area? Where is the parking going to be for all of those cars? What impact will it have on our law enforcement with that many more people coming to our area? What impact will it have with on-running costs for our city? And there are many more questions that could be, and need to be, answered. One being, Why does North Ogden City need an amphitheater in a smaller residential area, or anywhere in our city, for that matter? –Art S

I don't want a big loud venue with tens of thousands of people in my neighborhood or community. Parking, noise pollution, traffic, litter, congestion and other issues need to be addressed to the residents satisfaction. –Heather S

No one wants to come to Ogden, let alone North Ogden, for major activities. Do you have any idea the money it costs to bring big names to the venue to regenerate how much this will cost? This will be a huge waste of resources and will sit empty most of the year. You will Certainly have local acts and will get maybe a couple hundred people here for that, but everyone else will have to sit with this amphitheater, which has no amenities or parking, year round. This is not what the Barkers envisioned when giving the land. –Gentry P

Barker Park is too small of an area to Accommodate this kind of venue. The roads and Available parking are inadequate for “tens of thousands of people.” North Ogden is not the right place for this project and our city’s money could be put to better use somewhere else. –Brittany K

This amphitheater is on a much larger scale than I originally thought it'd be! The roads surrounding the amphitheater are way too small to handle that amount of traffic! Not to mention the noise for those houses right across the street! An amphitheater this size should be in an area that is not right in the middle of a neighborhood! –Kimberly B

Absolutely against this due to excessive noise and traffic. Already annoyed by fireworks, loud music and people parking on our property! Small children that play in this neighborhood will have their safety put at risk. I do not support this idiotic idea!!!! –Gerald P

It is bad enough to be bothered by the fireworks and people blocking our property because there is not enough parking around the park. They leave behind trash . The park is in the middle of a neighbor of family's with children that deserve peace and quiet. You can almost guaranty that home prices will go down in this area too, nobody wants to live in the mess this will create. –Anna P

I'm not looking forward to the level of noise and cumotion that will cause. Not to mention the amount of people that will block driveways in the surrounding neighborhoods. This is already an issue when there are larger numbers of people at the park. The benefit would be revenue for the city but it's residence should not have to suffer for that. –Matthew J

We are completely opposed to having Barker Park Amphitheater built due to so many issues, some of which include costs, safety, impact on the community, and traffic. –Jim O

We are completely opposed to having Barker Park Amphitheater built due to so many issues, some of which include costs, safety, impact on the community, and traffic. –Sue O

There is simply not room for this. The amount of traffic it could potentially bring will not fit nor is welcome by the residents of NO. I think it is crazy considering all the homes that are so close. Stop it and use your heads! –Joseph S

I feel the size of proposed theater is too big and will create unnecessary cost and frustration to the residents of North Ogden. –Candance D

This project should have been open for a more extensive review by the citizens of North Ogden. This huge amphitheater is not compatible with this area of the city and parking will be totally inadequate. If the city has this much funding available, put it toward the many roads and intersections that need upgrading. What ever happened to the Monroe Boulevard project? –Richard T

We don’t want or need a large theatre in North Ogden. –Matthew S
Please do further studies before going forward with these plans. this has a huge impact of the families living near there. –Ann B

Why would they ever think it's a good idea to build this on the middle of a residential area. The music from the fireworks band can be heard clearly all the way to Mountain Road. And that is a small speaker setup comparatively. There is no way this was part of the original plan. And it's a long way from a better stage and somewhere to change costumes...Is it a good idea, maybe, but not in that location. Horrible idea. Build it on the outskirts. That way if people build around it, they know what they are getting into...It just feels like when they know it's unpopular, they rush it into action assuming no one can object...If you want to do it, do it right, or not at all. I would prefer the money be spent on improving healthy lifestyle and benefitting locals more instead of creating something that will be more focused on bringing non resident money here. Spend it on trails, parks, a pool facility that can be used year around and has an actual lap pool. Healthy recreation!!! Why waste money trying to change what makes North Ogden amazing. We are not a big city, we don't want to be. We are already to busy and getting busier… –Clay C

I don’t currently live in North Ogden but I have friends and family who do. This amphathetre just isn’t a good idea. Houses are too close for that. You need a different park with more distance for s project like this. Not to mention the animals that live in the close by woods. This project will not help the area but make it much worse. –Emily C

My family is from North Ogden, I grew up playing in Barker Park. Please don't build this as it will be a large inconvenience for the surrounding community. –Charles W

I grew up right across the street from Barker park and am appalled by this plan.there is absolutely no room for this! Where do you plan on having parking?? Just the parking from the fireworks is insane. It's complete bull. –Jennifer D