NO Amph Crowd Science 10,000: How many patrons will our amphitheater accommodate?

Last year [2017] Ogden Amphitheater / Ogden Twilight presented the Shins, a musically interesting American indie rock band. This show was reportedly O-Towns first sold out show with 7,500 tickets sold.

“I was at this show, complete with post-show hangout invite (bragging a bit sure, but cool stuff like that should get a mention.) I can tell you firsthand there were a ton of people at this show. Talking to Big-D (Darin Higley), head of of backstage security that night, there were over 12,000 people in attendance. Crazy, but believable. Great job to the management and staff of the Ogden Amphitheater and the Ogden Twilight organization! Packed. But it was organized, fun and safe. Performance was great, sound was good.” —Stefanie Casey

Ogden Amphitheater has a stated maximum patron capacity of 7,500 people. Using the same crowd density models and house/grounds comparison mapping, North Ogden’s Amphitheater will accommodate over 9,500. This is a surveyed capacity and not simply the patron area with a given number of people per area. That’s 9,500 people plus a hundred or two security, house and event staff, another hundred volunteers, band and their crew, press, and VIP guests of the performers and venue.

Crowd dynamics has become a science. Crowd science is not and shouldn't be confused with parking statistics or traffic dynamics, or the need to pee, poop, drink, eat and sleep. All issues to be explored for sure but quite different than crowd problems and the repercussions caused by patrons within and around the amphitheater. Oh, and security, also a point for a later article.

(Article should not be confused with Mystery Science Theater 3000 :-)

Survey Maps and Data

Density Distribution Contours

NO-Town vs O-Town Amphitheater Crowd Distribution
O Vs No Numbers.png