“I promise tens of thousands of people will turn out each Spring and Summer...”

Mayor Brent Taylor  |  August 2017



The massive amphitheater development within Barker Park was rushed and lacked comprehensive feasibility studies. Do we really know what we are getting into? Did you even know about it? How far do we let our city government slide before we all get involved?

The now under construction amphitheater is totally incompatible with the land use agreements made to the Barker family. Whether the 4+ million dollar initial cost, to say nothing of the continued operational cost, is appropriate for North Ogden is also in need of serious consideration. If we don't stop construction and reevaluate we should consider the outcome; the likelihood that this amphitheater as designed—the largest amphitheater in the state of Utah* save USANA—will be mothballed. Built, used for a season or two, then boarded up, this is the likely future of this amphitheater considering the incompatibility with the areas land use, covenants on the books, noise pollution, safety, as well as a general lack of infrastructure and community involvement.

*Comparing controlled patron area (the auditorium), and yes it's even bigger than Red Butte.



Stop the building of the amphitheater in Barker Park now, before any more time or money is spent.


Once stopped there needs to be comprehensive, not rushed, feasibility and impact studies done—land use, noise, safety, health, commercial and tax liability to name the big ones.


The community needs more time. Marketing and publicity efforts were not effective. The people need to know what is going on and have easy access to information. We all need to know what we're getting into.


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